Love God, Love all

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Love God, Love all

The immigration officials at Afghanistan offered Richard (now Radhanath Swami) a cordial welcome, quite different from the other border guards. At Herat Richard found the people friendly and charming… Humans are the same everywhere; the soul is potentially divine even in a terror torn country. Once the external façade is removed, we can discover the natural love and camaraderie that can bind all humans together.

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Seeing the essence amongst Shia Muslims

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Seeing the essence amongst Shia Muslims

Since Richard was now exposed to the Shia sect of Islam, he dutifully learnt from Ibraham about the basic tenets of Islam. Richard was happy to discover that the basic teachings and essence of all religions were the same… The external designation is immaterial, says Radhanath Swami, “when the heart has love, God reciprocates, irrespective of the colour of your skin and the nature of your religion.”

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Responsibility of parents

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Responsibility of parents

The parents offered unconditional love to Richard and his brothers. He hated to break their hearts but had to now tell them about his spiritual quest and travel plans to India… Radhanath Swami has always expressed profuse gratitude to his parents and confesses he tested them beyond their farthest expectations… Radhanath Swami has encouraged his married disciples to be exemplary in their services as parents.

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Giving spiritual impressions to children

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Giving spiritual impressions to children

If the family focuses on giving their children spiritual values then the family is non-different from the spiritual world… “We should show our children by our example that we love God. What you do will influence them, not what you say” are the golden words of wisdom from Radhanath Swami.

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Embracing hope during crisis

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Embracing hope during crisis.

Radhanath Swami explains in ‘Journey Home’ that in the most terrible predicaments when our hearts embrace hope, we attract a power beyond ourselves to guide us, purify us and ultimately liberate us… Radhanath Swami compares hope with a cheerleader in our game of life. It is hope that always urges us on to do more and then to try a little more. Radhanath Swami gives the example of a lost and rebellious child who decides to return to his father. The prospect of reuniting with this all good and loving father fills the child with hope and happiness…

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Overcoming negativity through positivity

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Overcoming negativity through positivity

Radhanath Swami once told a friend and me that the material world is surcharged with negativity. To practice spiritual life we have to be positive in all circumstances…. We have seen Radhanath Swami expertly convert potentially negative situations to festive celebrations…. Radhanath Swami’s secret has been to flood a person’s consciousness with love and kindness. When positive thoughts and vibrations repeatedly enter the mind, a person is inspired and happy.

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Abandoning bodily identifications

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Abandoning bodily identifications

The challenge Radhanath Swami faced then was to go beyond his limited identity of being an American boy, confined to his own narrow view of life. To grow in our spiritual life, Radhanath Swami says one needs to go beyond the bodily identities and accept our identity as separate from the body.

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When Mr Time strikes

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – When Mr Time strikes.

Radhanath Swami implores us not to aspire for a permanent settlement in this temporary world. “All advancement in technology and attempt to prolong life in this world is akin to an attempt to prolong life of a bubble in a glass of sprite”…. But, Radhanath Swami assures that one who practices spiritual life, Time acts as a springboard for an eternal life in the kingdom of God.

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Dangers of hypocrisy

Later at night gazing at the stars, Richard (Now Radhanath Swami) realized it’s a horrible sin to be a hypocrite; to preach but to not practice… Radhanath Swami warns that hypocrisy is dangerous, especially for those professing to be spiritualists… Radhanath Swami’s favorite line has been, “we should only aspire to be the servant of servant of servant of all living entities; not expecting anything in return but willing to offer all respects to others.”

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Is the God of all religions same?

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Is the God of all religions same?

The monk explained Richard (Now Radhanath Swami) that God is one and people who fight over religion are those with a shallow faith, or overcome by egoistic politics… People gave different names of the same sun and water, according to their language and culture. Radhanath Swami pointed out that it’s the same sun and water they are referring to; similarly it’s the same God, all religions are referring to.

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