Connecting to Krishna’s Holy Names

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Connecting to Krishna’s Holy Names

Radhanath Swami emphasizes on the chanting of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, and has also provided tips and techniques to chant the mantra better and derive maximum benefits…. The Holy Names are our connection to our eternal relationship with God in the spiritual kingdom of God. By sincerely chanting and connecting to God here in the material world, we are confirming our life after death in the spiritual abode of God.

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Sacrificing for others

Radhanath Swami Fan Blog – Sacrificing for others. Radhanath Swami emphasizes on two principles of sacrifice and prayers that help develop purity. The strength to sacrifice for the welfare of others comes by cultivating purity of thought through disciplined spiritual practices. “Before we can save the drowning person, we must become proficient swimmers ourselves.

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