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Wonderful explanation by Maharaj about the power and the effect …
April 1, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by bhakti karia.

wonderful explanation by Maharaj about the power and the effect of a silent prayer for spiritual well being and a way to connect to the Lord, haribol, bhakti

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Spontaneous attraction for prayer
as HH Radhanath Maharaj says that an intense prayer always works and brings one closer to the lord, haribol, bhakti

Spontaneous attraction for prayer
gaura haribol, regards, bhakti

Recent Comments by bhakti karia

Radhanath Swami at his Poetic Best
wonderful and a very inspiring instance narrated by Guru Maharaj, thank you very much.

Charmed by a mysterious person
simply wonderful and mesmerizing article, full of love and affection the way HHRNSM has described his first connect with the Lord himself, haribol, bhakti

Controlling the Mind
wonderful article, haribol, bhakti

Need for a vegetarian diet
HHRNSM is very true in what he has just illustrated and we must all be so thankful to HHRNSM for making giving us this wonderful knowledge and guide us in our spiritual path, HHRNSN ki Jai! Krishna Prasadam ki Jai! haribol, bhakti

One man’s food is another’s poison
very inspiring article and very well quoted, haribol, bhakti

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