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Very beautiful experience from HHRM’s book as expressed here in …
April 1, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by rajesh karia.

very beautiful experience from HHRM’s book as expressed here in the article on the power of prayers, haribol, rajesh karia

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Spontaneous attraction for prayer
prayers always pay for bringing one closer to god, thanks for sharing, regards, rajesh karia

Spontaneous attraction for prayer
hari hari, wonderful, regards, rajesh

Spontaneous attraction for prayer
A very wonderful and a thought provoking realisation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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very inspiring and emotional experience, thank you Gurudev!

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very inspiring and a fact of reality as mentioned by HHRNSM on the issue of greed & lust, thank you Maharaj for all the guidance and inspiration, HARIBOL, rajesh karia

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wonderful article, Lord Krishna is all attractive and in this article we have seen how the Lord recognizes his pure devotees and attracts them, haribol, rajesh karia

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the anecdote narrated by HHRNSM was very wonderful and touching, thank you Maharaj for always guiding us in the right path of our life, Maharaj ki Jai! Haribol, rajesh karia

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wonderful article and this is such useful information that we all must understand and implement in our regular life, haribol, rajesh karia

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