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Power of Prayer….Radhanath Swami always prays for the well being …
April 1, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by sita devi dasi`.

Power of Prayer….Radhanath Swami always prays for the well being of everyone. That is his greatness.

Recent Comments by sita devi dasi`

American by birth, Indian at heart
This article really proves how indian are this close to god but are running in the opposite direction whereas the west is far away but now exhausted all material plans now turning towards god and spirituality. This is the irony. We should understand this and try to turn our energies towards strengthening our vedic and spiritual heritage.

Celebrating God’s birthday
It was such a wonderful experience to read about how Richard and Gary got the chance to be in vrindavan exactly on the day of Janmashtami. It is really the hand of God! How God directs the devotees to his lotus feet. We should be grateful to krishna for that.

Curing black magic spells
We are always protected by the Supreme Lord by his powerful Holy Names. So we should always tie them around our neck with faith and determination.

Deep and spiritual impressions of family
Yes that is greatest sin if we are not grateful for whatever god has given us. That is the root cause of all sin when we are dissatisfied and hanker for more and more. Thank you for showing it us Radhanath Maharaj. We should first and foremost learn to be grateful for every person who helped us in the process of krishna consciousness.

Starving the bad dog and feeding the good dog
We need to awaken the good dog within us. He has gone off to sleep without even putting up a fight. Atleast we should start fighting the bad dog within us.

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