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Keep up good work!!! …
April 1, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by WOW!!!.

keep up good work!!!

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Celebrating God’s birthday
GOD is a person and has a name, and He is the one actually in control. Now doesn’t that make us more comfortable while dealing with the adversities of life since we know about GOD who is always there to protect us as His very dear children.
Radhanath Swami is one such child, very special though and a cynosure of GOD, for he has taken upon himself to educate countless humans about their true nature and help them in returning to a place where they real belong to- the spiritual world. And, boy, how much GOD loves to be reunited with His long-lost sons!!!

Facing the inevitable death
If one is alert then GOD is giving lessons on self-realisation at each instance of life. GOD is always there, we need to turn toward him.
Swamiji has done that, and we see amazing results of doing so.

Is God a person?
GOD is indeed a person, and the Swami shows us how it is so.

Overcoming fear by connecting to God
Mind is truly amazing, simultaneously a friend and a foe.
It is up to us to befriend it to help us in our quest for peace in our lives.

Family culture in Eastern traditions
nice article

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