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Its really true , Prayers give us a lot of …
April 4, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by Sunil Jha.

Its really true , Prayers give us a lot of morale boostup from inside and have personally realised this power of Prayer number of times. But yes Maharaj incident teaches how and what to pray for.

Recent Comments by Sunil Jha

Always Positive
So true of being positive and never look at anything negative side- which drains you out with no result, just frustration.

Taste for hearing Lord’s narrations
Thats really true, having been very actively involved to get taste and satify my all desires with all sort of material activities–watching movies, going with friend etc..but nothing last forever and at end heart was still empty…Now after practicing spiritual life, have realized that real most pleasure and how to increase the same…thanks to Maharaj and all vaisnavas devotees for helping us to move from Zone 1 – material life pleasure -never ending satisfaction to Zone 2 – full of pleasure and enjoyment – spiritual life

Need for absorption in spiritual life
Very inspiring, if we dont absord ourself in higher taste our condition will be like fish — if we dont absord in chanting lord names , associates with determined devotees, the chances to say no to negative thought would be less- means downfall

Society of Cheaters and Cheated
Yes so true- specially in india- the land of religion we have so many cheaters who had some mystique power and people are convinced of them as they get their frustated desired fulfilled and they started treating them like GOd.
Am still surprised why people dont belive on our anceint scriptures – Bhagavad gits and Srimad bhagavatam–which clearly tells us who God and his nature..

Relief from material attachments
Very true–The nature of the mind is to interpret nonessentials essential–and we get so much distract unnecessarily–But by our sincere sadhana, associating with devotees will help us to overcome the mind tickling game..

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