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Thank you for showing us the power of prayers. …
March 29, 2020  |  Uncategorized

Comment on Spontaneous attraction for prayer by Kalpana Kulkarni.

Thank you for showing us the power of prayers.

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Spontaneous attraction for prayer
Usually all of us pray for material things like wealth, good job, nice spouse, etc and we also make deals saying that if we get what we ask for, then we will donate coconuts or feed brahmins, etc. But that is not what we should pray for. We should pray out of love and a sense of gratitude. We should pray for his love and blessings.

Spontaneous attraction for prayer
power of prayer- a tool to perceive God’s presence in our lives and touch Him with our thoughts. What a wonderful definition of prayer!

Spontaneous attraction for prayer
Prayer enriches our hearts with God’s presence and brings deep, lasting fulfillment, thus enabling us to have smiling hearts and smiling faces – wonderful lines!

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Going beyond superficial rituals and shallow religion
Amazing article! Gives us insight about rituals and how we should understand the meaning behind these rituals which ultimately help us in purifying our consciousness.

Fear of commitment to a spiritual path
Being committed to a particular spiritual path yet being able to appreciate other paths and religious leaders is a hallmark of a great devotee.

God – the greatest or the sweetest?
God is both great and sweet and his pastimes illustrate both these aspects!

Embracing hope during crisis
In our times of crisis, it is only hope and surrender that can save us!

Appreciating all religions
The hallmark of all great souls is to appreciate all religions and realize that the essence of all religions is the same.

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